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Calgary, AB

Vintage Bliss offers a curated collection of eco-chic vintage fashion & accessories from the 1920s-1970s. Our unique stock includes vintage evening, wedding, prom and casual dresses that accentuate a woman's individuality.

Why Vintage?


Eco-chic – Wearing vintage has a positive environmental impact. No energy or new resources have been used to create these pieces.  As the awareness of re-using and recycling increases, buying vintage clothing is one way you can be a part of a global effort to produce less. You are doing your part for the environment and looking vintage haute while doing it!

Be and look unique – When you wear vintage, you are wearing a piece of history. Vintage fashion allows you to accentuate your individuality and wear a one-of-a-kind outfit that assures you will stand out from the crowd. Vintage clothing helps to give your style character.

Vintage has history – Vintage clothes are not new. Unless listed as Deadstock or New Old Stock (NOS), most of the dresses are pre-owned, pre-worn, and hopefully pre-loved. All of these clothes have a story, a past, and have survived looking stylish and beautiful.

Quality – Vintage fashions are decidedly quality over quantity, and it shows. Typically they have been made with superior detail and expertise. Most are made with greater attention to detail – textiles, patterns and hand-stitching are all hallmarks of past fashion.

Choice – Instead of being limited to the latest fashion trends you find at the mall, your choice extends from the simple linear forms of the 1920s, to the sinuous shapes and bias-cut lines of the 1930s, the tailored look of the 1940s, the New Look ultra-feminine silhouette of the 1950s, and the mod fun of the 1960s. Buying vintage offers you an infinite selection of styles to choose from.


Fashion that is stylish, affordable, individual, and good for the planet?

Look no further than Vintage Bliss!